You Are Not Alone Anymore


Dedicated to experiencers and believers of the alien/ufo and paranormal phenomena’


Welcome to You are not alone anymore, a website and forum dedicated to experiencers and believers of alien/ufo and paranormal phenomena.

While all are welcome here, this site was created specifically for those who have experienced phenomena and have felt isolated and alone.  We seek to bring our message that, in fact, you are not alone anymore; we are all experiencers and are there for those who need camaraderie with those who know what you have gone through.  Any sort of harassment of experiencers or spam is not tolerated on this site and will result in an immediate ban of the poster.

We offer an active, personal forum and we also have articles written by members on various subjects in the alien/ufo, paranormal and high strangeness fields, along with discussions on each topic.

If you are an experiencer and feel comfortable talking about your occurrences, or if you just like talking about these subjects, please feel free to visit our forum and join our growing community.


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